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To see near Saint-Pol

During your stay at the Hôtel de France, visit the fascinating sites located around Saint-Pol-de-Léon.


Here are a list of places to visit, click here to reserve :



Jardin Exotique de Roscoff (exotic garden)

No need to travel far to see some exotic plants !  In Roscoff, the Jardin Exotique is home to one of the largest collections of southern plants and cactus.  No less than 3500 species from the southern hemisphere.  A rock standing 18 metres tall offers a panoramic view over the bay of Morlaix and the 7 isles.


Château du Taureau

The particularity of this château is that it stands in the middle of the sea on an island at the entrance to the Morlaix river.  Built in the 16th century then rebuilt by Vauban in the 18th century, it served as a fort, a prison, a holiday home and sailing school.

To visit the fort, climb aboard a ferry boat departing from Carantec or Plougasnou.


Ile Callot

Ile Callot is an island which can only be reached twice a day at low tide via a submersible path or the "passe aux moutons" (natural sandbank).  This island is 2 km long and the width varies beetween 15 and 300 metres.  It faces Carantec harbour and boasts stunning landscapes of dunes and granite as well as fabulous views over Saint-Pol-de-Léon and the château du Taureau


Ile de Batz

Located off the coast of Roscoff,  a ¼ hour ferry trip will take you to this island boasting a rich fauna and flora and varied built heritage. We recommend the following visits : 

Georges Delaselle garden : a complete change of scenery with plants from America, Australia, Africa and Asia

The lighthouse : a breathtaking view over the island, the channel and bay of Morlaix

"Le trou du serpent". The legend goes that this is the place where Saint-Pol threw the dragon which was terrorising the island.     


Ile de Sieck

This island located in the sand coast is separated from the mainland by a sandy foreshore.  It is revealed at low tide so you can visit this wild, granite spur.



Photo credits: H. Ronne, Y. Le Gal et JP Gratien