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Visits and leisure in Saint-Pol de Léon

Saint-Pol-de-Léon, a renowned historic town, is one of the prettiest towns in Brittany.  This coastal town also offers holidaymakers a choice of leisure activities.


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This town owes its charm to its port city with the old harbour of Pempoul and to its strong religious character.  Amongst the most famous religious buildings are the 13th century, Roman-Gothic style church-cathedral and Notre-Dame du Kreisker chapel.  Its 78 metre spire is the highest in Brittany.

You can also admire the numerous private buildings (châteaux, manorhouses and hôtels particuliers), as well as the Boutouiller megalith, a listed historic monument. 

Saint-Pol de Léon is on the Tro-Breiz circuit, a pilgrimage in honour of the 7 holy founders of Brittany.   For further information : http://www.trobreiz.com/



Sports activities :

Pierre and Rafaël from the Dossen Surf School will show you the wonders of surfing from March to december, they also do Stand up Paddles. On the Dossen beach, is the perfect place to learn!

From 6yrs old, from beginners to pros, the 2 professionel teachers , offer different types of lessons from a couple hours to a weeks training, each lesson is adapted just for you!

In an ideal location, with family or friends, come and enjoy our activities.

The Surf school is authorized by fédération française de surf , we garanty quality service and equipement, saftey is a high priority too."